Recording problem with Nec 1100A


when I tried to record 4x on a 4x Verbatim DVD+R, the recording time was almost 25 minutes, which corresponds to 2,4x recording speed (although 4x was displayed by Nero). How is this possible? Is it a performance problem? I made the Nero Speed test and it reported a reading speed of 4.8. Which reading speed is required for 4x DVD recording? I did NOT create an image file before recording, I just added the files and recorded directly.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. The firmware upgrade did not work since it does not recognize my drive.

P.P.S.: My config: 2xIBM 60 GB HDD’s Raid 0; Athlon XP 1900+ on GA7DX-C; DMA enabled!