Recording problem: Panasonic DVD video recorder DMR-E85H (Japan)

Recording problem on Panasonic DVD video recorder DMR-E85H (Japan).
I simply couldn’t transfer TV programs(already recorded in the DVD recorder’s harddisk) to my DVD-R

I could successful record several DVDs in the past.But now, it simply don’t record and “reboot” by itself whenever i try recording to the DVD-R disk.
Then when i took out the DVD-R disk and put into my PC to see if the DVD-R disk is still recordable,it cannot be record anymore.It simply becomes a unrecordable useless disk.

Could anybody help? :frowning:
by the way, this player is not even one year old.

Your fortunate in that Japan users get decent support from Panasonic.
In the first instance try a firmware upgrade.
Secondly, when inserting a new DVD-R, eject the disc and re-insert, prior to dubbing HD to DVD. The DMR writes a marker to the blank disc when inserted. I have found that in some instances the first attempt doesn’t work but re-inserting the disc mostly cures the problem.
Also try dubbing only a short recording (say, 10 minutes) to DVD (wasting a DVD, I know) - if that works then it is likely that the hard disc has become overly fragmented. The only solution I have found is to dub everything off to DVD-RAMs then format the hard disc. Once done, dub back from RAM onto HDD, then onto DVD-R.
Hope that gives you some pointers…