Recording onto DVD (Samsung DVD SH853M)

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung DVD SH853M. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have posted this message elsewhere but have not had a response to my exact queries.

I want to know the best way, if there is a way, to do a timer recording via the guide or Video plus.

I am able to record a program as it is being broadcast.

The biggie for me is transferring a program from my hard disk onto a DVD. I have tried hard but it won’t happen. I initialise the disk, select the program from my recorded list, start it running but the recorder won’t do it.

I am either doing something wrong or it cannot be done.

Try ConvertXToDVD

I have solved the self inflicted problem.

I find the handbook bewildering and eventually cannot see the wood fro trees. Simply the problem is that6 tucked away in the instructions is a list of acceptable media. You get used top the fact that -Rs and +Rs are usually acceptiible i9n most recorders. Not in the case of this machine. You need -r discs. Problem solved.

Many thanks for the advice anyhow.