Recording on JVC DR-MV1S DVD Recorder

Hello all - I just picked up a DVD recorder from BB… The JVC DR-MV1S was marked down from $450 to $300 because it was a floor model and there was no remote. I figured I would start nice and slow and just burn from VHS to DVD with the unit. The the dubbing goes fine. I have dubbed on Aterra Media DVD-R and the dubbing goes fine, only problem is I am able to playback the DVD on the recorder and nothing else. I have tried it on my cheap Daewoo DVD player that plays everything I throw at it. And I tried it on my Sony DVD burner in my PC and nothing… I also tried to record onto a TDK 2x 25 spindal that everyone seems to use out here and still nothing… My Sony DVD+R RW media wouldnt read in the DVD Recorder so I wasnt able to test on them…

Is it me, the media, or the recorder having issues?




I am by no means an expert in field of DVD burning. I believe the DRMV1S is a kind of home theater in a box right? My only guess is that it records in some proprietary format that only it can read.

I work for Ultimate Electronics, I can try to get ahold of our JVC rep and see if they know anything about it.


Vardoj - Thank you very much for your assistance… I dont want to just keep throwing money into DVD-Rs if the problem isnt the media… No, this is not part of a home theater in a box. It was just the unit from BB… It is a VCR/DVD recorder combo… I did buy a spindal of Maxell discs that I figured I would give a try… Let me know if you get any further info…



Well the Maxwell discs didnt seem to work either. They play fine in the vcr/dvd recorder, but wont play in anything else. I may just return this unit…

Thanks for the help,



Maybe I can help. I have one of these units too. If you wish to record on DVD-R/RW and then play the DVD in other equipment you have to finalise the DVD. I have tried this and it works great on anything which will recognise DVD-R/RW.

If you have the instructions it is in there, if not let me know and I will post a snippet here.



when you put in the dvd you need to format it. when it asks what mode to format in, choose video mode.

if it doesnt ask you automatically to format, press set up on the remote
once youre in the set up screen go to DVD tab at the top
then go to utility at the right then scroll down to format and format in video mode.

make sure to finalize the disc at the end, and that should do it. let me know because i havent tried that yet

@Techme or mLKEY,

I have one of these units pretty happy with it. Are there any none upgrades, hacks, etc.

Does anyone know who makes the DVD Burner???



The -R media needs to be finalized to play in most older DVD players. After you finalize you should be able to play in anywhere.

DVD-RW media is diferent. Fresh media must be formatted. Its going to ask you for type Video or VR Mode. VR mode will only play in the JVC Video Mode is like -R, so you finalize when complete.

VR mode is Video Recorder mode which works better in the JVC for on the fly recording and re-recording.

I have the same unit. After coping 10 vhs tapes, the load/eject motor died. They had me return it for repair. They returned it to me 4 weeks later fixed, and with updated firmware. Never had any problems burning on it. Everything plays back great, as long as you remember to finalize it. I just bought a cheap 19" tv and set them up together for burning vhs to dvd.

Does anyone know who makes the Burner in this unit?