Recording NTSC miniDV through fireware on UK LiteOn HD-A740GX

As a forum newbee and proud(?) new owner of a LITEON HD-A740GX, is there anyone out there who has tried (with success) to record NTSC mini dv camcorder footage to DVD/HD using a UK Liteon Model, using either Firewire or AV connections? I have successfully hacked the machine to make it region free, but this only appears to work in playback, rather than recording mode.

Living in the UK and having bought a Canon Camcorder in the USA (whoops!), unfortunatley I’m now running a USA Cannon camcorder on NTSC with a UK purchased Liteon. I’m running into problems with “incorrect signal types” and the Liteon helpdesk is anything but. Fireware cable has been tested and DVD recorder is compatible since I’ve successfully recorded using a PAL Sony Camcorder. Interestingly (perhaps) this Sony PAL camcorder will play my NTSC tapes on the camcorder and likewise through my TV (which supports NTSC playback). However, I’m unable to record this same quality image/signal on to the DVD recorder via SCART or AV.

Is there anything out there that will convert a signal from NTSC to PAL?