Recording Noisy Neighbors

Hi, I live in an apartment building underneath neighbors who let the kid run, jump, and stomp around the house. I would just like to record the sounds for proof with management. I looked on another forum and they posted some pretty complicated and expensive set-ups. I’d just like something simple, maybe a shotgun mic and I would think some kind of digital recorder. Any suggestions on what I should buy that isn’t too techie :confused: Ty for any help.

First make sure it is legal where you live to do an audio recording of this type.
I don’t know if you are in the US but here there are one party consent states.That usually means only the one doing the recording is needed for conent.
A two party consent state requires both parties consent . If that is the law where you live then this type ofrecording is illegal for you to do.
Of course you are able to make any recording of the sound in your residence if a neighbor is incidentally caught on the recording not much can be done about it .
Still I would look into this first.

For the device a simple mic to any recording device should work if can hear it as well as you describe. Even your cell phone or camera may work good enough .

A digital camera or camcorder should work well, as this way you can make a few recordings throughout the house. The advantage with using this method is that it’s clear which areas of the house are worst affected, unlike using a audio recorder.

Unfortunately, regardless of the method you use, you should really need get someone who deals with this type of problem to come by for an inspection during an affected period. For example, it would be difficult to prove that you did not tamper with the audio recording or use a highly sensitive recording equipment to exaggerate the problem.