Recording Music CDs



I work from home selling my music CDs. I only started about a year ago and have been learning all the while.

I currently use Intenso CDR CDs depending on the batch the number of C1 errors fluctuate from 0.5 to off the scale so basically I am going to pay the extra money and buy decent high quality CDs its not fair on customers that 1 in 150 CDs or whatever is a dud even though I do check.

I bought some Taiyo Yuden with wonderful results, would you say stick with them which I can find for around 18 pence each for a 1000 CDs or is there anything cheap but still at this high quality looking for silver or white top as I stick a label on.



i would definitely stick with them :iagree:

you won’t do any better than Taiyo Yuden :bow:


it does make sense.


If you’re into production, better to get a printer with CD-printing, and use printables.

Labels can be a problem, especially if they lift/peel in a slotloader - MESSY!


you can get ritek cd-r , not as good as ty , but are good stuff and avoid labels at all cost.