Recording multiple sessions with CDBunerXP

Hi -

I’m trying to backup data from my HDD to DVD using CDBurnerXP.
I add the files and successfully write to the DVD, leaving the DVD open.
I then try to add further files.
At this point, CDBurnerXP checks to total size of all of the files in the lower window and if this exceeds the remaining disc space, it does not record.
I assumed that you highlighted the previously written files in the lower window and pressed the clear button.
This removes the files and allows me to write the remaining, new files to DVD.
The problem is that the clear facility seems to erase the files from the DVD written in the previous session.

Could anybody please explain how to write multiple sessions to a DVD without CDBurnerXP erasing data in previous sessions.


I’ve never used that software. You’re best bet would be to not try and reuse previous discs. Simply burn the data once onto a DVD +/-R or use RW discs.