Recording MPEG to DVD



I am currently backing up my VHS movie collection on to DVD so that the quality doesn’t degrade any further. I capture the video to HD through a USB capture device in real-time and it saves it as MPEG2. I then use NeroVision Express to cut out the previews and end credits and burn it using NVE. My question is this: if my capture device already captured the video in MPEG2 and at the correct framerate(29.97), why does NVE write it so slow(a little under 1x)?:confused: The only thing it should be doing is authoring and burning the video right? Is there any way to do this faster? I have a whole collection(70+) to back up and taking that long on each tape is a hassle that I would like to avoid.

My specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200
NEC ND-3500A w/ Liggy’s modified 2.18 fw