Recording miniDV through fireware using LiteOn LVW5005



Hi All,

I’ve been using my LVW5005 to direct record video from my SONY miniDV through fireware 1394 connection. However, been have issues here and there. Sometimes, the disc not readable after the recording, or the quality of DVD burned in not good, with stops and skips.
Is there a better practice or good way to record miniDV video using LVW5005, I use TDK DVD+ disc, and SP speed.
Thanks in advance!



Are you finalizing the DVD to play it in other machines. You might also have to change the media since the 5005 doesn’t like it. I did a few through the firewire connection and they came out great on a regular HP DVD+r.


If this problem is only evident with recordings via firewire I’d check the connection, make sure its good and try a different lead if possible.
It could also be an issue with the Sony, again if possible borrow another camcorder from a friend and see if that gives the same results.
Do you monitor the recording? are there any skips on the original?
TDK discs are normally good but it is always possible that you’ve got a bad batch, check the recording surface for defects, even a small scratch could cause the laser to deflect and create a fault.
As jm1647 says, try another brand/format.
I done many recordings via firewire with a Sony and used different media with no problems.


zz, re dv via 5005 firewire…this is what I have experienced:

  • during recording if monitoring, the audio stutters, breaks up. This is NOT from the DV source (Sony also). However after recording, playback of dvd audio is fine on Liteon or another player!

  • On playback, the picture occasionally “freezes”, then continues. But guess what, ONLY on the Liteon. If played back on my Panasonic, is fine, no freeze!

This is with finalizing dvd’s, HQ recording quality, and latest 0098 firmware update, name brand DVD blanks (HP, Philips, ect.).

To me pretty wierd better playback on another player, as opposed to recorder\player that made the recording!! However I generally don’t use the Liteon for playback, and for sure can’t with the DV recording apparently.


Thanks a lot, guys. I’ll try all suggestions posted, and start with upgrade the firmware.



Related in a way, I had problems streaming DV into my PC via Firewire with dropped frames (this is the skipping). The solution was to replace the Firewire cable, there is a difference in cheaper cables :o)


I was using a DVD Recorder Sony RDR-GX7. the Firewire worked perfect with Premiere Pro. i hooked up the computer to firewire and output from the recorder RCA to TV and the recorder converts in real time the signal. Of course works with the camcorders as well. now the downside of it was that was only outputing signal when i was doing an NTSC project because the RDR-GX7 is NTSC native. And now I’m getting to Lite-on Liteon LVW-5005. patience I looked at this unit and i said RIGHT ON. Cheap, I can hack it to REGION FREE, firewire and supports PAL and NTSC !! Well, I have it right now in front of me and the front firewire of Lite-on Liteon LVW-5005 is working camcorders but not with the Premiere Pro. And now i’m searching the internet for a way to make the computer simulate that he is a camcorder, It must be a driver of somehow. Is clear that premiere sais when i conect Sony RDR-GX7 (online) and with Lite-on Liteon LVW-5005 (offline) hmm now i’m questioning myself if the 5005’s firewire is just analog of some kind; some kind of trick they find, cheap stuff. in the end what yoiu pay is what you get I think. ohhh and another important thing "with the sony gx7 it doesn’t work to capture DVD from FireWire, IEEE 1394, iLink as output.
main main isue was that i wanted to conect Adobe Premiere --(iLink)—> Liteon —(RCA A/V)----> TV to have a nice preview when editing.