Recording internal sounds (streamings)

Since the users have obtained the possibility to hear the radios on Internet via streaming, I’ve been wondering if there is a program which is able to record what’s being streamed. The only way I have found to record the flux is putting a microphone near the speakers and then record the stream. But in this way external sounds will also be recorded and the quality will be very poor, telephone-comparable. I’m looking for a program which can record only the internal sounds of the pc. Do you know any ?

Thank you,

Total Recorder should do the trick…

But you might want to enjoy this until next generation video and sound cards that will have DRM hard coded on the hardware :slight_smile:

It’s debatable whether some of us will be ever going down that route :cool:.

Not that you’ll have a choice, even the microchip they will implant in every citizien (by force) will be DRM capable, there is no escaping this even your microwave and fridge will have DRM for crying out loud :slight_smile:

Ah so if it’s a imitation frozen dinner it will throw it back at you, and if you buy generic cokes they’ll explode?

No - it simply won’t let you COPY the recipes and ideas from the box :smiley: