Recording industrys missteps lead to lost sales



I just posted the article Recording industrys missteps lead to lost sales.

Well, we have all been saying it and here is a story that bolsters our argument. In this Denver Post story, they lay it on the line. Here is a snip from the article. The…

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Well we’ve all said it and if not, thought it…The gun they were pointing at the consumer has gone off and shot them in the foot…no sympathy here, they shat in their own nest and are now falling back in it. and just out of curiosity, does anybody know the name of that “one decent justin timberlake song”…


Another aspect that the movie industry has is that also generate revenue from movie rentals…so people pay to see the movie in the theatre then will also pay again to rent it Even if these people have the tools to make a copy they pay to do this…some people even rent to see a movie they haven’t seen and then decide to buy it…maybe the record labels should allow us to rent the CD’s to see if we’re willing to dish out the money to buy their products…this is just my 2 cents:B:r


does anybody know the name of that “one decent justin timberlake song”… I knew that one was coming. :B snickers


It’s called “What?” - sorry just a joke! :B


Hmm… annual filesharing license. That sounds intriguing. I’d only do it if it allowed all files, and the money went to the government instead of a company. The government can pay the companies if they whine enough.


Actually that annual firesharing liscence is not such a crazy idea - after all here (UK) you have to pay a TV liscence. Some of that TV liscence pays for films to be shown on BBC, which everyone then dutifully records if they want to keep it. So why not the same for music? In FACT some of that money goes to pay for BBC radio stations, who have to pay liscence fees which go to the music companies: so to a small degree we already have this…


Places like Gamestop also sell used DVDs now, making it even cheaper to buy a movie. I think at $10 a piece I might start buying CDs from stores again, so good move to Universal. As for ticketmaster, a friend of mine was actually telling me about it the other day. Apparently they said to themselves, “If scalpers can get $500 for this ticket, why can’t we?” and so now they’re price gouging. !@#$ them.