Recording Industry wants Judge to unleash subpoena power

I just posted the article Recording Industry wants Judge to unleash subpoena power.

In order to be able to find the identity of
people who share a lot of music on file sharing networks, the recording industry
will seek a “substantial number of subpoenas” (written court…

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Note to RIAA: When you win all your litigation and have your pet congressmen pass all your laws and we STILL don’t buy from you, please try to remember a big part of it is because we hate you. C’mon CD Freaks, can I possibly be alone here? Have you ever scolded a friend for buying a CD because it financed evil corporations to buy our government away and subvert our free speech and consumer rights? Have you ever had money in hand and put the CD back and bought the band’s t-shirt instead because you know the money from the CD doesn’t go to the artist. It just goes to destroy your right to own music as opposed to rent it. Is anyone as pissed off about this as me? It’s not jsut whether I can or can’t download. My only internet is in the labs lately and I can’t download music anyway. Are any of you out there determined not to buy CDs (except independents) until the RIAA makes amends? They seem determined to take as much from us as they can. They see this is war. I say we respond in kind. Let’s get the name and home addresses of RIAA’s lawyers, executives, consultants, etc and publish them. Just cos we don’t have any pet congressmen and can’t afford to purchase legislation doesn’t mean what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Like PhrOgster says, they won’t sell any more CDs, it’ll just mean people will go without the music. Let’s face it, if you wanna hear most types of music, you can listen to the radio, over the web, on CableSatellite TV, and on Freeview in the UK. So who really gives a damn about buying music. As many have said on this site, 99.99% of what’s turned out these days is utter tripe anyway. The entire industry is so into making money and being commercially viable, feeding our kids minds with their monotonic monotonous crap; for people with minds it’s just a huge turn off. I say the less people buy and the more profits are forced downwards, the better off we’ll all be.

this is bad news… if verizon is forced to reveal this customer of theirs then the fucking RIAA and MPAA will go apeshit going after other file sharers… … I have not purchased a CD in probably 4 years, and will never again… What the industry puts out is utter shit, and not even worth downloading. 100% of the stuff i download are trance DJ’s performing live around the world. The net streams are recorded and put on file sharing progs, such as soulseek. And dont forget the RIAA is trying their best to shut down internet radio as well, due to their extreme greed in extracting huge royalties from tiny net radio sites… I fully support music piracy, and encourage others to do the same , until the fucking RIAA is no more. :d
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just to add, i fully agree that artists should be compensated for their creative works, but less than 10% of whats on the radio is actually from an “artist”… if it was not for file sharing i would have NEVER discovered so many excellent DJ’s, and when they come to town i glady fork over 40 or 50 bucks to see them. Now if it was not for filesharing i would never have heard of them, or spent the money. Proof enough file sharing does NOT hurt artists. It may hurt the industry who keeps 95 percent of the price you pay for a cd. But artists are only out the 25 cents they get per album sold. Hardly big bucks

Until the “IRAA” can get this “situation” under control. I would like to suggest that they pass on a significantly greater amount of the profit of the music that we ARE buying to the musicians. Rather than keeping it for themselves and thier fancy lawyers. After all, that’s what they are worried about right? The musicians aren’t geting enough money. Well, give them some for crying out loud! Hurry, Madonna needs a facelift!

I keep seeing people type that they would buy if more money went to the artist. YAH RIGHT! What a joke. If the market didn’t allow it [ie: the artists said: “No, I want more money”] then the RIAA/MPAA would have to give more money to the artist. As it stands, anyone who makes it big, leaves the label that signed them and starts their own, only paying distributors to get the music/video out. Its supply and demand, just a different level. I doubt many would actually pay if tomorrow the RIAA says they will give an 80% raise to the artists. So, the agencies go to Washington [or whatever organization in other countries it may happen to be], to lobby for control over the medium they fatefully decided they need to control so brutally. Good luck RIAA… I’d rather listen to a garage recording than have my music limited to play on a single kind of player. I want to rip/burn my CD and play it on anything, anywhere, anytime… It really sucks having 6 CD cases in your car and having to flip around from one to another trying to find the right CD. Thank god I have an MP3 player installed now. nearly 500 minutes per CD [about].