Recording industry collects $1 million fine



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draupnir7257 used our newssubmit to tell us that an Arizona-based company has paid a one million dollar fine to the RIAA for allowing their employees to share music files on their internal…

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Good lord, who is the RIAA gonna sue next? Why don’t they just sue themselves for putting out shitty music from talentless bands at over-inflated prices?? Where will it end?


It won’t end until the RIAA stops illegial copying. So hopefully, it will never end.


chsbiking, i agree but they allways will find something to sue :4


I like it when they say: “It sends a clear message…” Yea, Im gonna download some more music I dont like to fuck the RIAA is there pants! :d


I bet that the RIAA guys listen to pirated music themselves…:8