Recording in real time from drive to drive on PC

ok I have a DVD+R disc that was dubbed on a philips standalone recorder. I do not have accsess to either the recorder or the source tape. I need to back up the DVD to another. Here is the problem, the disc is damaged nothing I have will read the 5th VOB file all the way through, when trying to see if shrink could help dvdd out I noticed the defect in the disc occurs after the program ends, the person who dubbed the DVD from VHS left the DVDR running and there is 3mins of blank blue screen recorded onto the dvd Dub, the error is during the blue screen portion after the movie had ended. I need a program that will “play” the dvd and record it onto my hard drive so that I can hit “STOP” before the source dvd hits the bad spot. and then finalize my back up. in other words I want something to make my computer burner act like a standalone that is dubbing from another dvd…does that make sense? or a program that will alow me to trim the defective file before it gets to the damage.