Recording home movie on cd

i have a 30 min home movie already edited and ready to record on to a cd but its only 6gb:rolleyes: what do i do now? how do i compress it on to a cd? of the format not sure but just need one so my windows xp recognizes and plays.:confused: i don’t want any dvd stuff or anything like. just want to save the movie on a cd-r in somekind of file or something.

p.s. its in avi format

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I dont think there is any way that a 6GB file is going to fit on a 700MB CD. I dont think that you can even compress that enough to be able to fit on a CD. Your best bet would probably be to break it up into seperate movie files and burn it to several CDs or buy a DVD recorder.

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If it’s an uncompressed .AVI file, you can encode it further using either VirtualDub or TmpgEnc. First you’ll need to encode it to an mpeg file.

Perhaps Chickenmans tutorials can be of assistance.

Sure it can be put on a 700mb CD, but don’t expect the greatest quality you’ve ever seen.

There are a few options here.

First, there’s ofcourse the option of a MPEG video stream on a CD (either VCD, SVCD, XSVCD or SKVCD). Most/all (depending on your playing hardware) can be played on DVD players, wich ofcourse is nice for watching television.

Second, there’s the option of converting the file to a DivX, XVid (etc) like format. The good thing about this is, that the quality is higher than with any kind of VCD. The bad thing, is that there are very few DVD players that can play these discs (this category of DVD players is just entering the market; I think this will be common in about 2 years or so…).

The last option is to use some kind of properiatory format, like WMV, RealVideo or Quicktime video. I wouldn’t advice that, as their quality isn’t any better than DivX or XVid, and they are less compatible (and will maybe never compatible with DVD players).

If you want good tutororials, Chickenman’s tutorials are a very good place to start with. You can find them here.

If there are any questions left, feel free to ask :wink: