Recording "hidden" tracks

Hi. I have an album ripped in mp3 but I want to put it on an audio CD. Now, here’s the issue: the first track contains the hidden track in the beginning, which is also ripped as a single song, but I need to put it on the beginning of the first song.

You probably all know hidden tracks and you can find them. If you rewind the song which contains hidden track the time goes below zero and starts a countdown. When it reaches 0:00, it starts to play the “real” track.

How to do that? I use Nero.

Do you want the CD-R that you create to also have the hidden track? If so, I’ve not heard of burning software that will allow this. Maybe if you create a CUE sheet it is possible but I wouldn’t know.

If you simply want the ‘hidden’ song to appear on your CD-R then all you need to do is burn it like all the other ripped songs.

Feurio will do the trick

Quote from feurio online help.

You can crack a special ”joke” if you fill the index-0 part of track 1 with music:
When the CD is inserted and ”Start” has been pressed, the CD-Player will ALWAYS start with track 1, index 1 - the index-0 part is SKIPPED. Because track 1 has no previous tracks, the index-0 part will usually NOT be played!

The index-0 part will ONLY be played, if the rewind button is pressed during playback!

Produce index-0 music:

Of course Feurio!® can be used to produce index-0 music: Start the Feurio!® Trackeditor (button: ”Trackeditor” in the project directory), set the cursor to the desired position, then click on ”Set special index-0 marker” in the ”Actions” menu.

From: Feurio! CD-Writer online help © by Fangmeier Systemprogrammierung

yes, as BeeR DoG has said, it’s very easy to do with Feurio! if the hidden track and track 1 are in the same MP3 file.
Just open Track Editor and press “Set special index-0 marker” over the desired position.

If the hidden track is a separated file, then I think you must join it first with track1 in order to do this with Feurio.
Another option is to create a cuesheet.

Nero can’t do it, except you burn a cuesheet.
Nero can’t insert music into index-0 zones, only silence, and you modify them by changing the length of the pauses between tracks.

What about bonus tracks between the tracklist? For example: 5th song completes, then there’s bonus song and then the 6th song continues.

Well, I don’t think it’s possible, not in the same way. But you could join track 5 with the bonus track, using a wave editor. That way the bonus track would play right after the real track 5, but it would still show up as track 5. Well, it is not really hidden only kind of disguised.

I haven’t tested this, it’s from memory - but the following cuesheet should work. You’ll have to write one yourself and load it into nero.

FILE "hidden_track.wav" WAVE 
     INDEX 00 00:00:00 
 FILE "file1.wav" WAVE     
     INDEX 01 00:00:00 
 FILE "file2.wav" WAVE     
     INDEX 01 00:00:00 
 FILE "file3.wav" WAVE     
     INDEX 01 00:00:00 
 FILE "bonus_song.wav" WAVE     
     INDEX 00 00:00:00 
 FILE "file4.wav" WAVE    
     INDEX 01 00:00:00 

Files as Indexes is an unsupported extension to CUE, support is limited, mainly EAC and Burrrn

what i use to make a perfect rip of any and all cd’s is either CDRWIN or Alcohol 120%. make an image of your disc in cue/bin format and burn back to cd with the same software. has never failed for me, even works with all “copy-protected” software on cd.