Recording from VCR to HDD/DVD

Can anybody help me? I want to copy my collection of VCR tapes onto the HDD/DVD drive of my Panasonic DMR-EX75. I have tried everything I can think of but with no luck. The VCR is connected to the DVD recorder by scart and coaxial cable. Thanks in advance to those that respond. Keith

Can you please describe what “no luck” means?

He probably meant he couldn’t get anything to work.

I came here for the EXACT SAME problem!!!
Except I’m using a Panasonic DMR-ES15, and I get the message “Copyrighted Material. This content cannot be copied. Cannot Record.” I’m using simple “Yellow, White, Red” cables going from VCR to DVD.
Please tell me there is a solution to this!

I came here for the EXACT SAME problem!!!

If the VHS tape has Macrovision, the Panny will not record it. You’ll need to try an inline “video stablizer” to remove the protection.

Can you please explain the video stabilizer more ans/or provide a link?

Just to google search:
look here :
more info :
Many places are out of stock so you will have to search, order soon or they be gone forever.

Thanks. do you also recommend this one?

Have 2 like this it works (in most cases VHS to VHS, VHS to DVD and DVD to VHS) for DVD to DVD, and protected TV to DVD, it may not cut it. Cheap worth a try, not better stuff can still be found.

I would need it for commercial VHS to DVD. So far I’ve had success with 3 different commercial VHS tapes, but my Panasonic ES25 balked at the 4th VHS movie I tried to transfer/copy to DVD.

For DVD to DVD, I have no problems with a software solution on my PC with built-in DVD burner.

[U]Panasonic DMR ES25 with DiMax Grex
Panasonic DMR ES15 with Sima GoDVD CT-200 [/U]

Did you notice this?

I have backedup to DVD every VHS Tape I own.
The best ones are invisable in use.

I don’t understand the first part of your message . . .

I am in the process of backing up all my VHS onto DVD. So far, I’ve come up with one that my Panasonic would not record, so I’m looking for a solution.

It sounds as if the $20 MCM will work for me. Is that what you are suggesting?

First part is what I now use.
The $20 MCM may work for the task you have in mind, my solution does this and more.
It’s your money, the $20 one [U]may[/U] do the job.

Thanks for the explanation, CC. I think I’ll try the $20 solution first . . . then I’ll look into the dimax, if required.

Changed my mind. I have ordered the XDIMAX Grex Full. That seems like the one to have.

Just remember it ships from Israel it will take about 10 days to come in and tracking is near impossible. However it works great.

OK, I had an idea it was coming from abroad . . . I have not caught the “need it now” bug. I’ve been living a long time with those ol’ VHS tapes; I can live ten days longer.

Thanks for your advice.

Romeo, thanks so very much for your good advice. I received the gray colored DiMax, and it works very well indeed.

I’m a happy camper!

[B]Glad to be of help [/B] :smiley:
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