Recording from TV on Demand



hope this is the right forum.
Im an UK virgin media customer.
I have hooked up my DVD recorder to my digital cable box but whenever i try to record video on demand content I get a “copy protection” message and cant record.
I know its some form of macrovision or similar,but I wondering how to get around it…
any helpful ideas?


You cannot without converting digital>analogue>digital…
Such a copy protection is not that cheap like Macrovision I believe.


Some premium services, (HBO, etc), are moving towards using protections, and DVD recorders are moving towards preventing recording of protected content. It’s difficult to know what you’re up against there, but you could try using a different output from the cable box. You might wind up using some sort of “black box” between the components, or even using a different recorder to get around this.


I suspect that this is the CPRM activating itself in your DVD Recorder. Most DVD Recorders have this built-in nowadays. It usually only turns on when attempting to record protected TV programmes such as programmes from Sky Box Office and other on-demand TV services.

I have no idea on how to get around this though.


New here so just noticed this thread.

If it is any help I have a liteon 5045 with hacked firmware and macrovision disabled
(see the very quiet liteon forums at ).

This can record from the on demand service on virgin cable using the scart connection.


Most, if not all, of the newer standalone dvd recorders were forced to include this protection by the movie industry. They weakly complied without a fight. If you are lucky enough, like me :bigsmile: , to have an older recorder like my Panny ES10 you don’t have the problem. I record from HBO, SHO and ON Demand all the time. There are devices that will handle the protection like this video filter:
and others if you search


I was going to post on this, but I will ask you all what you know about a peculiar problem I’m having with a HD Message that covers my TV scrn. and will not allow me to watch a recording from HBO On Demand. I bought a new HD Sony TV about 6 weeks ago. I had a non-HD TV prior to this time. I had a DVR for 2 yrs. with Dish- it was SD like my TV. Now I rent an SA-8300 DVR/Rec. unit from the local cable co. I have 2 Sony DVD recorders- Mod. # RDR-GX7. Neither are HD. Neither have a HDMI input. Both have a componant OUTPUT, but no comp. INPUT. The PROBLEM: I recorded a “B” movie from 2005 off of HBO’s On Demand. I went to play it later and about 5 minutes into the film I get this weird message that covers my entire scrn. It won’t allow me to watch the movie, but I can hear it fine.

Message states: “Your HDTV does not support HDCP. Disconnect the HDMI connector and use the YPrPb connection to continue watching TV”. HUH???
I do NOT have a DVD recorder that has a HDMI connector. Both recorders get a std. signal from the SA cable box- (Yellow-Video, Red & White- sound. I am really lost with this as I have never seen it before. I need to know why I’m getting this backwards message as the only piece of equip. using the HDMI connector is the cable box/DVR to the HDMI input port on the Sony TV.

I can’t attach a picture of this strange message as it’s over the 97KB limit on this forum. Please tell me how I can get things working right. As far as I know it only happens when I record a program from HBO On Demand. In addition, The SA-8300 will NOT record any HBO On Demand program. If I press the record button on the DVR it won’t work. The ch. lineup does not have ANY On Demand chs. to setup a manual recording using their DVR. I thought when I 1st got this SA about 6 weeks ago that at that time I could record On Demand programs.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer on this ridiculous situation.


Hi, My Sony recorders are 3 or 4 yrs. old. Do they qualify as “older” and not a problem with the filter? Neither play or record in HD. Thanks.


Welcome to the new world!!! All components in your system have to have an HDCP chip in order to watch real HD. That is the new wave of anti-piracy.


Does this mean that unless I use componant cords I am not able to record anything from On Demand? If that’s the case I think the GREED factor of HBO & any other service that prevents someone from copying something for his/her own personal use is way out of line. How many more billions of $$$ do these large corps need?? I fully agree that stealing a signal or making boot copies to sell or make money off of is wrong, but I pay for HBO. They already have their royalties. I am also against those who don’t want me to make a backup copy of a movie I bought so they can make DOUBLE the $$$ off of working guys like me. To me that’s STEALING on their part.


My ES10 is that age, you’ll have to try it to find out. Post your results, I’m sure others would be interested to hear. I record HD programming but it records in analog, not HD output of course, but the quality is very good.


Both of my Sony recorders are not HD. I don’t care about that, but I don’t like the TV’s PQ when not using the HDMI cable- it makes a big difference on the HD chs. I did a test using the componant cords to the TV & unplugging the HDMI cable from the TV. No message came up after I recorded the same ep. from On Demand. I will do a 2nd test later tonight & let you know how it comes out.


I found it. I disconnected the HDMI cable from the TV & plugged in componant cords. No more nasty message & all is well. My recorders are not HD anyway.


This will not last forever, they will block that analogue outputs in a few years. :frowning:


In this cable system many subscribers still have the old SA analog boxex that get 3 feeds of HBO. They are replacing those boxes as time goes on, but the last cable co. didn’t bother.