Recording from TV antenna input to DVD recorder



Hello experts,

I use rooftop antenna and have new HDTV and I want to be able to record television programs to my DVD recorder. The recorder does not have coaxial input/output, how can I record programs?

Also, how can I use my old VCR to record programs from the antenna as well?



Welcome to CD Freaks, JSinMAandAZ.

Could you please tell us what country you live in, and what the make and model number of your DVD recorder is please.

It’s very unlikely that you will be able to record high definition to the recorder, but standard definition may be possible.


If the recorder doesn’t have coaxial inputs, then it likely doesn’t have a built-in tuner. So it can only be used to record video inputs from other sources. In which case you would need an external tuner.

Your VCR should have coax inputs. Simply attach your antenna and follow the VCR channel tuning setup (covered in the user manual).