Recording from HD to DVD

I want to buy this liteon 5045 because it can record both + and -R disks. But I have a question: If I record a 3 hour tv program to hard disk in XP quality, will I have a problem to transfer it to DVDs?. Does the machine let me to transfer that TV program in three separate DVDs?

May I edit the commercial breaks while transfering the program to DVD disks using pause?

Thanks for any answer!

The LiteOn LVW-5045 will let you transfer from HD to DVD, providing the DVD has enough space to hold the recording. I assume you mean EP instead of XP for the quality, since there is no ‘XP’ recording mode on the LVW-5045. With the EP recording mode, you can store up to 4 hours per recording on HD without any issue transferring it to a blank DVD later on. :wink:

If you make a recording on HD, the LiteOn gives you the ability to split up the recording into multiple parts as well as reconnect different parts, so one way of eliminating ads would be to split of the recording at the start and end of an ad-break and then join the two end recordings together, thus leaving out the ad-break segment. If you record directly on DVD, the other option is to hide the ad-breaks using chapter hiding. In this case, put a chapter mark at the start & end of the ad-break and then hide this chapter in-between.

The transfer speed from HD to DVD is typically the disc’s rated speed (up to 4x) for rewritable (DVD±RW) DVDs and up to 8x for write-once (DVR±R) discs. The LVW-5045 does not support the transfer of HD recordings to (Super) Video-CD’s unless the recording was originally sourced from one of these discs.

There is no restriction to how many DVDs you may transfer a recording to, assuming each DVD has enough free space to hold the recording. On the other hand, if you need to transfer a recording to DVD that is too big to fit on a blank disc, you will need to split the recording into two or more parts that would each fit onto individual discs. :slight_smile: