Recording from Freeview with Integrated Plasma TV



I’ll be as brief as possible here with the problem I have.
My set up is as follows:

LG 42" PC1DA Plasma TV with integrated Freeview which has a perfect picture
LG HDD Recorder
Panasonic SKY Box

All of the above have only 2 SCART sockets, all of which are populated with SCART cables.

Currently I can watch the integrated Freeview and RECORD Sky simultaneously, but when I want to record Freeview and watch Sky, then I cannot. My terrestrial picture is not good, so recording from them is a non-runner. I need to be able to record from Freeview - somehow…

I accept that I cannot watch SKY and record Freeview simultaneously - I have been told I will have to buy a separate Freeview box which the HDD Recorder could pick up from, which I have now bought (a Grundig Freeview box for 30 quid out of Comet) - as yet not hooked up…because…

Problem I have with this is that the LG HDD Recorder has two SCART sockets, both of which have a Scart cable going to the TV and SKY Box. (1) The SKY box has 2 Scart Sockets - one Scart cable coming from HDD Recorder and other one going directly to the Scart Socket at rear of TV. (2) Also the outside roof ariel cable goes directly into the back of the HDD Recorder. Where would the cabling for the Grundig Freeview box (ariel and Scart) go, as the TV, SKY box, and HDD Recorder all have just 2 Scart sockets, which are now ALL populated. Question is : How would I manage to incorporate the Grundig Freeview box into my current set-up so that I can record direct from Freeview. I’m scratching my nut here, or I am missing something simple??


Hi Eric - did you ever manage to sought this out? I’ve come across the same problem after purchasing my plasma tv.

I would sure like to hear your solution if you found one.