Recording from a VCR



How do I get a recorded movie that I recorded from my VCR to my PC (via TV tuner card) to be burned to a DVD and be able to play on home DVD players?


Capture it in some software like virtualdub.
Encode to dvd compliant mpeg in something like tmpgenc.
Author it in something like DVDLab.
Burn it in something like Nero.


Many of these TV tuner cards allready have Capture and even Direct Burn options. Double check all your options.


HI, how about taking a ride on this thread it gave me all the info I needed and now most my vcr>dvd look better than the original vhs tapes. CINDI :slight_smile:


Grrrrr, I just accidentaly hit the back button and killed my post before I finished it. Here we go again!

Well, I’m going to be purchasing a capture card very soon. I like the idea of using a stand alone with a video stabilizer, as we used to call them, to strip the copy protections, but between the “GoDVD,” type box, and the stand-alone DVD recorder, I’d be looking at a $250-$300 investment JUST to get started. My name? Well… Joe because I’m pretty much just another, “Joe,” and dirt, as in “As poor as…” lol

Now, I’ll be spending less than $60 on this project as I WILL in fact, be using a video capture card and the writer I already own. (An NEC ND-3500) If there is enough interest, I’m also going to be journaling my experience from beginning to end in the general hardware forum. (Perhaps eventualy there will be a sticky made out of it with some editing done, hu?) So, if this topic interests you, please let me know. The more interest I see, the more willing I’ll be to put time into sharing my experience breaking into this area that’s new to me, as well as the pitfalls and successes I have along the way.

Here are the cards I am considering:

(Not sure I’m liking the poor rating with ^^^^^ THAT one though)

(I like ^^^^ this one for the fact that it also has a BNC connector, though I don’t know that I’ll ever use it, and security is NOT the primary reason for this purchase)

As you can see, the most expensive of these cards is $52.00 shipped as of this writing. Well below the $60 limit that I’m imposing.

Some of these cards are 8 bit, and some are 10 bit engines. More than likely, I’ll select one that’s a 10 bit, but what I see and hear over the next couple days will determine if other features may sway that decision.

If any of you have any personal experience with any of these cards, I’d LOVE to hear from you. I certainly wish I had the money to purchase, install, and review them all, but alas, there’s the, “Dirt,” factor. :slight_smile:

Also, if anyone wants to be “Guinea Pig Number 2,” please let me know. It’d be nice to have a second person out there with the same card doing the same things to compare results in different test-beds. Additionaly if we each had DIFFERENT cards, we could also compare notes. Please private message me if you’re interested in THAT. (It’d also be useful if you’d be willing to speak voice to discuss our findings, which would make it preferable that you be in the USA or Canada. I’m a Vonage Digital Voice user, so racking up telephone charges hasn’t scared me for 3 years and counting. :slight_smile: )

That’s about it for now. I’m excited about embarking on this journey, and I’m hoping this topic generates alot of interest!




I am using the V-Stream 88XLP Xpert DVD Maker card and Power Producer 2 Gold with a Sima CT-1 “enhancement” interface from Panasonic standalone VCR player and get better than original copies on DVD-

Total cost for card/software, interface and standalone player= $120 including shipping-



Looks like the CT-1 or GoDVD is still going to be required for many VHS’s then, hu? Sadly, I no longer see the V-Stream 88XLP Xpert DVD Maker avail;able from Newegg. :confused:

Would you strongly advise leaning toward another card that is bundled with the Power Producer Gold?


(This one includes Power Producer 2):


Hmmmm, also, I actualy OWN InterVideo’s WinDVDSuite Gold which came with My Asus MoBo. This includes Win DVD Creator, which is what is bundled with some of the other capture cards I beleive.

Thanks for all the replies and help over the past fer months Mike. you and Mark are alright in my book, even though the two of you are in oppisite camps on the + or - issue. (That’s how alot of us tell the two of you apart actualy)



Yo JD-

Both mark and I have this card - it is one of the areas that we both agree on - now if only I could get him to come over to the -R camp…

But he can’t - 'cause he went out and bought like 5000 +R medias and has to justify the purchase to his 'ole lady…



Not really. I’m a glutton for punishment, and have been been using +R media myself, so he can just tell her that he bought them for a very very special friend! I’d happily throw myself on all his, “sub-par” +R media so that he can easily justify swiching camps. :smiley:



hehe, you guys are hilarious :D. im still here, watching your discussions on this VHS-to-DVD process. i’ve got WinDVD Plat which came with my Asus mobo. im strongly leaning towards just pickin’ up one of these (yes, im a Plexwhore): because it has MPG 4/2/1 and DiVX encoding as well as a coax input so i can use it as a PVR as well. any one have any experience with one of these?

lookin’ forward to seeing more of your thoughts JD.


Do you know which chipsed does the A/D conversion in that card, adn if it’s 8 bit or 10 bit? I’m kinda curious to hear how big an impact that makes, though I suppose it’s probably quite alot.

These are the chipsets as listed on these cards:
Conexant BT878(8-bit)
Conexant 883 (10-bit)
Conexant CX23883(10-bit)
Conexant CX2388X(10-bit)

I’m thinking that based on the 5 star rating with 248 votes, the KWORLD PCI TV Tuner, Video Capture Card, REMOTE, Model “VS-TV878RF” -RETAIL is a serious contender though it’s 8-bit, and that the KWORLD PCI TV/FM Tuner, DVD Maker Card, Model “Xpert TV - PVR 883(VS-LTV883RF)” - Power Producer 2 RETAIL will PROBABLY be what I actualy end up buying due to the fact that it’s also rated 5 stars with 208 votes, AND is 10 bit.

I think the latter of those two is actualy a newer re-vamped version of the card you guys have, or that you typoed on the name of yours.



Yo JD-

Found the card w/software that Mark & I use here:

Looks like $28 shipped-

BTW - Mark has the Sima CT-2 “enhancement” interface and I have the CT-1 - but his cost like $73 and mine $40 - but he has a lot more money to throw away on interfaces and +R medias…



Awesome Mike! Thanks! Actualy, in realizing that I’d overlooked the fact that there’s no TV tuner on the card, I looked back at Newegg and found it there too, but for more. The DO have a couple referbs, but I don’t want to risk that they’re actualy less than perfect product. I’d kinda like to have the tuner too, but given I just shelled out almost $60 on a used VCR, (NICE Toshiba M754 6 head unit), and a CT-1, both shipped, I’ve exceeded the budget I’d planned for this project, but that’s alright. I’d not planned on including the cost of the VCR anyhow, so I guess I shouldn’t count the $27 shipped I paid for that, but the $25.81 I paid for the CT-1 and shipping, definately counts.

I’m starting to get excited like a giddy little school-girl. lol



Yo JD-

Great price for the CT-1 - where did you get it from?



I use one of those ATI Wonder SE TV tuner cards . . . seems to work just fine.


I cant record my olg vcr tapes on dvd I got form rental store that where used.

the new ones are ok but use ones are copyed right, can I get around this.

IL Kontar


Good ol’ Ebay buddy! :smiley: The seller was buyessex. They’ve at least one more of these. That place you linked me up with wants close to $10 S&H, so it looks like I’ll be going through newegg on this.

IL Kontar: This is PRECISELY what we are talking about. Get yourself a Sima CT-1. You run it between the VCR and the capture/video card and you should be golden.

@drpino: I’m kinda curious as to what the hell I’ll say next too! {snickering} The Plextor unit is quite pricey actualy, and several of the cards under $50 do mpeg 4/2/1, and DivX



Well, I took the plunge adn bouth the Kworld Xpert TV PVR 883 DVD Maker PCI + TV Tuner Retail from ZipZoomFly as Newegg is suddenly out of stock on EVERY card I’d considered. I went this route as it’s a 10 bit card, DOES do stereo recording from television I BELEAVE, and also HAS the television tuner, ability to turn the machine on at specified record time, power the machine down after recording has completed ect. $50/shipped.

I’m figureing once summer comes, I may be springing for at least BASIC cable, so it’d be nice to have a card that’ll allow me PVR functions. (I currently get between one and three channels on my 37" TV… pretty pathetic, hu?) It also appears I’ll be having some work pulling me away for a month or more starting this weekend or early next month, so… I may vanish for a bit.



Yo JD-

Yur in Ginnie Cream country aren’t you?