Recording Formula 1 with 5045



So with the F1 season approaching I was going to record each race and put them on DVD. I haven’t actually got a DVD recorder yet but I found a 5045 for a pretty cheap price, so I was just wondering if anyone had any experience recording motorsport (or regular sport) to the HDD and what the quality is like? Would I get the sync issues that I’ve read about on a 2-3 hour broadcast?

I was planning on recording from the HD broadcast to the DVD recorders HDD. Is that possible?

Or, alternatively, are there any other cheap(er) DVD HDD recorders that would be a better choice?


Hi Nitrofan, I have several ILO HD04 which are half-size Liteon 5045 clones with less features but work exactly the same, (tuner, recording, input, output etc…).

If the 5045’s firmware is up-to-date then the sync problem is corrected, the sync issue was at the very early stage of its release. To verify what firmware version you have, press setup and the white white sequence S/N number will look like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (xxx-xxxx). The first 2 set of 4 digits identify the motherboard and region, can’t remember which one’s first, the 3rd set is the system firmware, the fourth set is the drive firmware. So if the 3rd set is 0197 or higher, the sync issue is corrected. If lower, you definitely want to update the firmware.

I’m a F1 fan also, but I don’t archive any of it. To be able to transfer one race on one dvd, you would need to record at the LP mode (3 hrs) which would be at the lowest DVD quality setting, 4 hrs and beyond, more like VCR quality to put it simply.

Recording HD feed, the Liteon 5045, like all current regular recorders, will convert it down and record it at 480i only, that’s its maximum. There are some HD recorders for consumers (Japan mostly, $2,000+, yikes !!!) but a lot of manufacturors are still in the prototype mode and now that the HD format war is over, , the manufacturors can focus on their product line. I suspect it will be a while before we see anything affordable in a HD recorder.

Cheaper and better than the 5045, doubt it, but that’s only my opinion. The Philips 3575 160 GB is a upscalling recorder (up to 1080p) $300-$350 range and it has the ATSC tuner incorporated fi you’re located in the U.S. this might be of interest to you.

Here’s a link of tooled firmware for the 5045 that might be of interest to you.

Start your engines !!! 5 red, 1 green, GO!!!


Thanks for the help.

I was planning on recording to the HDD then putting it on my computer to author it properly. Would that be able to result in better quality?

Also with the HD thing, I was really only going to use that because here in Australia the races are broadcast live on a HD channel and then later on a regular channel, so I wasn’t really hoping to keep the HD quality or anything.

Probably the main reason I started this thread was just to find out if anyone had any trouble with sports while recording. Like speed blurs or something like that.


I personally do not use the PC for my recordings. My thoughts would be that if you record at HQ setting (1 hr mode) bring the HDD to the PC or split the recording to copy on RWs, copy over to the PC, edit ads, remerge, author and compress to the max. allowable on a disc, thus reducing the bit rate, loss of quality, unless you’re equiped with a double layer burner then you wouldn’t loose too much bit rate, that would get you as best as possible, my guess, maybe someone can shed a light here on that.

Speed blurs, the 5045 outputs at max. 480p NTSC system (625p with PAL ???). I watch hockey, and I tried on my 26" LCD TV which I use as a PC monitor and watching hockey through my recorder, there’s a lot of macroblocking around the players as they skate and the puck would dissapear in the blocks so until I make the HD jump, I prefer to watch hockey (and F1) on my CRT TV with my digital cable box. All this to say you might have some quality issues, try any other fast-paced sport to test out before you undertake your project.