Recording format question for Samsung DVD-R120



I am considering buying a Samsung DVD-R120 machine and live in the USA. I know the machine is listed as being able to use DVD-R, DVD-RW, & DVD-RAM discs. I have a couple of questions here. Can I use DVD+R discs and if so, is there any benefit such as playability of partially complete discs without finalizing or is this machine limited to DVD-R only as a write-once option.
Next question is about making audio only recordings. Can I make a CD by either copying from CD to CD-R or can I format a DVD-R to be recognized in a standard CD player or will I be limited to making DVDs only and playing back in DVD players only?
The two things that I want to do here is to transfer analog tapes to optical digital format. I would like to dub VHS to DVD and audio cassette to CD. I know that it would be most flexible to simply use a computer to do this but I have some logistical problems with that and I can use the stand-alone devices as, well …stand-alone devices in video systems in my home.
What say ya masters of DVD-R?!