Recording Format - Capacity



What is the max capacity for all these formats CDROM ISO This one I know mode 1 2048 per sector mode 2 2324 per sector

  • Mixed Mode -this one I know it will depend on how much audio/data you have on it CD Extra - Video CD - Super Video - CDROM Hybird - CDROM UDF and - CDROM UDF/ISO this one too depends on the udf/iso on the disc.

Really I’m looking for how much data can fit on one sector


It really depends what you are writing. If you record data (such as documents, etc.), you can use only 2048 bytes per sector. If you record Audio, you can use 2352, which is the actual block size (I think).

#3 - how to use/abuser Mode 2 for greater capacity - beetter for material with a degree of error tolerance, as you have NO data-level ECC.