Recording FM radio

As a sub-newbie with a nice new LiteOn 40x12x48x I’m looking for very basic information on how to record some FM radio broadcasts on CD’s.

Can someone point me at a tutorial or such on the procedure. Do I need to save the audio in some particular file format first and then put on a CD? Is there software and/or hardware that I need to install.

All suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

You mean online broadcasts?
For that you could look at Streambox VCR Suite or Total recorder.
If you mean radio broadcasts that are not online, you could try capturing it with Total recorder, assuming you have a radio input on yout PC (for example with Radio tuner card)

If your sound recorder supports recording from “Wave” device (eg: SB Live! and similar do) you could record the broadcasts to WAV/MP3 using a sound recording program like WaveStudio, MMJukebox, or any one of the zillion tools available. Then burn!

For radio broadcasts I’d recommend OGG vorbis over MP3 as a lossy format. For creating audio CDs, burn the WAVs to the CD using any CD writing program.