Recording failure

In the old days I recorded sound on tapes.
Later I took some of those tapes and put them in my PC by means of a small program by SoundBlaster simply called “recorder”. This was on a XP driven machine.
Now I have “7” and my soundblaster audigy does work on it, with vista drivers, but the program “recorder” is not available. The program “wavestudio” however is. BUT: when I make a recording using wavestudio, I can NOT save the recording, I get the message: “Not enough diskspace” ( although it’s “niet genoeg schijfruimte” I have a Dutch system!) even though I have an empty harddrive for it of 250Mb…
Anyone an idea how to fix this.
I already tried another recording software program called “wavepad” but it does not have the right “feel”:sad:

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Although I don’t use that program, I’ve seen this kind of error with programs like Nero, when semmingly there’s ample diskspace.

Have you checked to see where the program is storing any temporary files it might use? It could be that those (if they’re present) are what’s eating the space.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

thanks! I will have a look.

In the meantime I found out that I can save the recording as a WMV file or as a RAW file, but not as a WAV or WAVE, although on all my drives is plenty of space to place the recorded file in…

A program named Wavestudio doesn’t output wav files? Ironic. I don’t use this program but check your output settings, 16 bit 44.1KHz for wav. There is absolutely no need to use raw. Also, check your output device/folder settings if you are sure disk space is not a problem.

For this type of recording I use Audacity:

It does output WAV files. Only problem is, that if that file is more then 5Mb, I get the message “not enough diskspace”, and the partition I am leading it to is about 10 gigs free

Your OS is reserving disc space for itself.

You might want to try and update your audio drivers, some have built in recording features.