Recording error



Hello, I am a new member. I need some help recording with Nero 6, when I try to record data on a CD I receive an error during recording, something like power calibration error(I can’t translate, I am Portuguese). I’m attempting to record at 32x. I also found out that I can record using Windows’s CD recording software. What is the problem, the recorder or Nero?


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Can you try another burn with Nero, and if it fails, it should ask you to save an error log.

Post that log here and we’ll see what’s going on. :slight_smile:


Here it is.

Log.txt (17.6 KB)


Thanks for the log :slight_smile:

A couple of things. First, Princo is not very good media - you may like to try something better like Sony CD-R.

The second thing is, I wouldn’t burn audio CDs at 32x - my preference is 16x, and that works well for me…the Princo discs may even burn properly at 16x.