Recording DVD2one results

How do I record the info to disc, after its run through the DVD2one program, I have Primo and nero, which is the best to use and can you instruct me Please.

Just make sure the output of DVD2one goes into a directory named VIDEO_TS (yes uppercase letters)

Then use primo DVD to burn that directory and everything should work perfectly :slight_smile:

What if Nero complains about missing a VOB file. Original contained 6 vob’s, after processing only 4 left.

Did follow the guide for IFOUpdate etc. Set for input the original IFO and the authored path to the one created by DVD2one.

Any idea’s?

TO MsMax

are you doing movie only or menus?

if you are doing menus,did you copy your video_ts.vob,and the vts_01_0 files?

if you are doing movie only,dont use ifoupdate.

I followed the guide found on this forum.

Copy the main movie, compress and put back to original folder.
Use IFOUpdate and burn to disc.

I noticed that the error only occurs if I use NEro in DVD video mode.
If used in DVD UDF/ISO then the disc will burn and can be played on my Philips 711 home set. Offcourse I have to create the AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders my self then.

But still… Somewhere is a reference to VOB 5 in one of the files.