Recording DVD -R As Well As DVD +R any Advantage?

I am getting fixated on a LiteOn DVD Recorder unit because it will record DVD -R/-RW as well as DVD +R/+RW.

Is there any advantage to having the ability to record on either?

If it is not important, then that opens me up to buy a Toshiba that I have my eye on. Does Toshiba make a decent DVD Recorder? What about Samsung?

Thanks for everyones answering of my dumb questions.

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Sure that’s an advantage, why wouldn’t you want to be able to do more?

And no, Toshiba/Samsung are pretty horrible.


Thanks for the response and for all the work to keep me between the curbs.

I have found a LiteOn model, that records both formats, on newegg for $122. Since I can’t find anything like this locally, I think I will order it.

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Wow, that’s incredibly pricey. Why so expensive?


The one on newegg is a model LVW 5005 for $122 and does BOTH - and +. The only ones I can find locally are about $169 for a model LVW-5001 that only does - or an LVW5007 that only does +.

Were you being fecetious or is that really a high price for the LVW-5005?

Thanks again for all your help,

Just looked that up on Newegg, and it wasn’t clear to me at all that this was a standalone DVD recorder you were talking about. I thought you were talking about one for your PC, which should run you about $40 and do both.

But still, if multiformat is cheaper, why not?

EDIT: Also, my comment about Toshiba/Samsung was referring to the fact that their drives are on the low end of the PC market, I have no idea about their standalones.


Thanks for taking the time to look it up. I’m sorry for the confusion, but I don’t know the lingo yet.

Does anyone else know if the Toshiba or any other stand alone is any good?

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Yes, it is an advantage if you have a multiformat DVD Recorder, but after a certain time you will prefer using + media for recording. :iagree:
And I would try to look after some LG products as well in this category. :wink: