Recording DVD Audio for MUZAK ENCOMPASS XD


I have Muzak Encompass XD DVD audio player and I would like to record some wavs or mp3 on the dvd. I’ve heard about many issues with Muzak hardware protection. Does anyone succeed recording dvd audio and playing it on muzak player? What is the best software to record such CD or DVD?

Thanks in advance

“DVD-Audio” is a specific high-res format. There is software around for making them, but 1st you’d want to clarify exactly what this player is playing. Do you have a disc you can post the contents of?

From what I can see these are proprietary machines playing proprietary audio files that are encrypted. Its a dead format to be sure, and the players sell for about $30 on eBay. The disc drive in the player probably has more value than the Musak hardware.

Virtually any portable audio player can accomplish the same things, if not more. Even your phone can.

Personally, since it is a dead format, I would use a record-what-you-hear solution to wave and then burn the waves to CD or compress them to FLAC and play from your computer (make sure to mute your microphone before doing so).

Since the format seem to encompass many tracks per disc, it does not seem to be lossless encoding (correct me if I’m wrong) and so even if MP3 has come a long way, I would opt for FLAC if it is to be compressed again to avoid loosing even more information from the track.

Thnaks for your replies, but the problem is that I don’t want to rip muzak cds, but make a dvd audio or audio cd to play on the muzak encompass player.

I was trying to tell you that you’re wasting your time and effort. Its a proprietary format, and a dead one to boot. Make some MP3s from whatever source you like and play them from a portable player. The Musak machine is a paperweight.

make a dvd audio or audio cd to play on the muzak encompass player.

But to directly answer your question: you can’t.