Recording companies plan lawsuits against individuals

This thing about replication of all worldly manner of goods in 150 years or so… great!! This would stop us all thinking of making a profit because money would be useless and virtually, if not totally, non-existant. This is very Star Trekky but it IS going to happen. Well not be here to see it of course but I wish it would happen tomorrow. Maybe the world will be far better coz no-one is going to have more than anyone else simply coz what they require will be copied almost immediately. The ONLY thing that would stop this of course is power hungry zealots and their control over the population and their desire to see those monguls out of position. As for XP and Linux/Lindows - well, I can see Lindows becoming a very powerful OS simply because of their licensing rules. One license per 25 machines? Brilliant. MS wouldn’t match that in a million years unless they were too desperate and their empire was virtually useless. Linux IS more stable and Lindows will get there with other software soon so don’t knock it just yet!!! Keep smiling : The world WILL be a better place soon… :slight_smile:

fb, maybe you have something wrong with your setup. i am running lindows v1.1.1 and have the full office xp installed. i also installed macromedia’s studio mx (dreamweaver, fireworks, flash, freehand) and they ALL work. i also have paintshop pro installed and working along with adobe premiere 6 running. my ipaq works great with it as does clonecd and nero. lindows is an alternative to microsoft operating systems. i may be off base here, but do you know what you’re doing? a lot of people that use lindows haven’t had a problem with it. maybe you just didn’t want to take the time to learn something new and that’s how you got your opinion. i could be wrong and if so, i apologize, but thats how your words come across to me.