Recording companies plan lawsuits against individuals

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CatPuke, Deathstalker, dansmug and sylvainw used our newssubmit to tell us that major music companies are preparing to mount a broad new attack on unauthorized online song-swapping. The campaign…

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FCK the Record companies!!! They have no right to invade our privacy!!! If they filed a lawsuit, it would be very CRUEL to an absolutely innocent individual!!! When will the record companies get it through their head that copying and stealing are completely 2 different things. Stay loyal to your customers Internet Service Providers and don’t give any ones IP address out. Remember if it were’nt for us you wouldn’t be making a profit. If you do give out someone’s IP address then FCK which ever ISP did that and their customer should never forgive that ISP for the rest of their life or the record company that filed the lawsuit against them. Cheer on the countries that don’t have a fcken copyright law!!! I understand why you can’t copy and sell, but I absolutely do not understand why you can’t copy something for free. Property is physical, not intellectual!! Understand fcken retard record companies!!!

Please stay polite, I already editted your post a little, I think most of our visitors understand your anger, but your choice of words is a little naughty :slight_smile:

Well i guess my post will be far beyond naughty then but what the hell.So these jerkoffs think they are untouchable well you no what you arent shit but a lowlife bottomfeeder that sucks scum from the earth.I laugh as i watch you slowly put the final nail in youre own coffin.You dont like to get screwed huh well what about the past years that you have been screwing us.Tables turned and were takin whats rightfully ours and dont give two shits about you or youre money cause you seem to miss the whole point you greedy filty poor excuse for a human being.It would be two hard to lower the price wouldnt it.Well biys and girls let the war begin.What ya gonna do sue everybody?This are the people that keep you makin money you dumbass.And once again hillary goe eat some donauts.

And yet you guys continue to plunk down cash for CDs. Every CD you buy helps support the assholes that want to put you away in prison and ruin your entire life for possessing mp3s. Would you give somebody $20 every month that raped beat your mother/sister/wife/you? Then why the hell are you supporting the record companies?!?! PIRATE EVERY PIECE OF MUSIC YOU WANT, BUY NOTHING! BOYCOTT THE RIAA

How did you edit my post DoMiN8ToR? I’m sorry for my choice of words, but it is very hard not to say what I said when I feel very strongly about the copyright law being wrong. I am someone who cannot stand the copyright law and believe copying something you didn’t create should only be illegal if you sell it for a profit. As angry as I already am, could you just imagine how I would feel if this said Record companies were going to file lawsuits against MP3 downloaders. Using the word individual makes it scary enough. One must admit copyrights are something that so many people have a different opinion on. It is not a generic law meaning that someone has the right to their opinion on whether it’s right or wrong. It is though a fact that murdering someone is wrong world wide. A country would have no right to make it legal to kill someone. Any country has every right to make it legal to copy something. So it would make me even more angry if the USA threatened another country for not having a copyright law. Whether a country has a copyright law or not is nothing but their own business. The best place for me would be a country that speaks English where it is completely legal to copy something for your own use or copy it for free. Once again I believe property is physical, not intellectual.

I would fully agree with fb. Supporting the asshole record companies by buying CDs does just help them. BOYCOTT the RIAA!!! Remember that it would be just as cruel as kidnapping to put someone in prison for copying or possessing music, movies, and/or software.

UofM3000: IF there weren’t laws regarding free copying of copyrighted material, no-one would ever buy anything. There would be no reason to by movies, books, music, or anything else that someone put a lot of work in to making. If that were the case, what would any person gain by writing a book, making a movie, making music, etc.? Although the Recording Industry Association of America has taken it way too far, the laws for copyrights are sound. The issue at hand here is not copyright law, but rather an unchecked monopoly with much much more advanced anti-competition practices. If you really want to pick a bone with someone, don’t pick a bone with the copyright law, pick a bone with the senators, representatives, judges, juries, etc. that rule in the RIAA’s favor, most likely because of a ‘small’ sum of money being transferred into these people’s hands. Another thing. The RIAA is not the only incredible overpricing. The other huge one is text book companies. I just spent $120 on a 200 page textbook. I’m with fb- Don’t just be mad at the RIAA, but completely remove any and all support you have of the RIAA. Don’t buy music CDs, don’t by recordable audio CDs (the RIAA makes a profit on the audio CDs, but not on the data CDs).

So if property is physical and not intellectual, does that mean that any CD you own, burned or not, is a legal copy? If I burn a copy of Windows XP, you’re telling me that I have the right? I’ll admit software and music are two different things, but your arguments are less than logical. But don’t take that as me arguing FOR the RIAA. They’ll never go after the person that downloads music because they can’t prove whether or not they have the rights to download it. I have 8-tracks, LPs, cassette tapes, and scratched CDs. Legally, I can download any song that was on any one of the mediums mentioned. I paid for the rights to listen to a song, whether it’s in a 8-track player or on my computer. Don’t be stupid. Know your rights. Just because they’re stopping you from doing something illegal doesn’t mean you should start a movement to boycott them. If you do something like that, it should be because they’re too greedy to lower the prices of CDs. Here’s what you should be asking: If you turn on the radio and hear a song on there you like, can you record it to cassette or CD or whatever legally? If so, then that’s the gateway to solving the problem. Think about it. :r

All this makes me wish I had a way to get my collection online. I’m sitting on about ~5200 albums, 75,00 tracks, totaling 360 gigs.

Just because someone could copy something legally for free does not mean that companies wouldn’t make money. It may mean that in some cases, but not all. People would still make things even if they didn’t make money just to show off there work. That’s the nature of intellectual property. And yes Sentry07 by saying property is physical, not intellectual, you do have the right to burn a copy of Windows XP as long as you’re not selling it. Companies can make their share of money through the people who don’t have friends they can get software, music or movies from or for people who don’t have a cable Internet connection to download things from. Some people will want to buy the software to get support from the company. There are also some excellent software packages out there that you can get legally for free. The Linux OS is the most reliable Operating Systems around and yet it’s free. Whether someone copies something or not should be a decision to make for themselves. It’s ok if someone just says I don’t think copying is right and should have to pay for what I use, but it is dead end wrong to say someone deserves to be punished for copying something. People should have the right to make their choice. If someone wants to copy, they should be allowed to as long as they don’t do it in the public for profit. Here is an interesting article to read regarding this subject:

I think we have too extremes here… the fat cats in the RIAA not wanting to give up that cushy $20 per CD they buy their jags with (only $.05-$.10 supposedly goes to the artist) and those who have now become so spoiled that they think they are entitled to FREE music. I think the answer lies in p2p, and paying for downloads. Maybe a pay per download, with option for unlimited downloads at $20 a month. That way a huge portion of the money would go to the artists. The artist could actually get paid more per song then the RIAA gives them per album! CD’s are supposed to be cheaper than cassette tapes (originally CD’s were goin to be sold at $5, this is back in 85 mind you) Now you can buy DVD’s cheaper than CD’s. Someone wants to steal our money, but stealing the music back isn’t the answer either. A pay per download format needs to be initialized. That way the artist and the listener wins. Affordable music and big pay offs for the artists… and the assholes in the RIAA are out of their jobs.

I’m glad you like the free OS Linux, however it is more complicated, missing many frills of XP, not entirely as stable as XP and worst of all has virtually unacceptable support for new games and prepherals. While the alter is not the fault of Linux (rather corporate $$$) it still kills the OS. If my Nomad Jukebox won’t work on the OS it’s useless.

People don’t wanna buy Cd’s. So they should lower the price. Instead they go on these legal crusades and will charge more CD’s. A lot of DVd’s are cheaper then CD’s and you get picture and sound. And they want us to pay $20 for just sound. On top of that, the only Cd I wanna buy is the only one they didn’t mass produce. :frowning: Let them file a law suit against me. They still won’t get any money from me, I’m flat broke. Send me to jail, fine send your customers to jail. But how are your customers gonna buy your cheap Eminem and Britney Spears records from a prision cell. The way I see it, 90 percent of Americans would probably not have a problem with getting free music. So if 90 percent of the people want it, and we dont’ get it, then this isn’t a democracy. It’s a dictatorship. Maybe we’re being dictated by more then one person, but instead a few people with the same mentallity. Laws get passed all the time that the people don’t want. The Government is not for the people and we are not free. Wake up, go to New York, buy a pack of cigarrettes for $7 a pack and tell me how free this country is.

You know, you’re all going on about the RIAA and the fact that you should be able to boycott them and their music and download what the hell you like for free… I posted an argument a while ago saying this was theft. And YES it IS theft. You can all start screaming at me as much as you like but I will say this umpteen times more in the future. The only reason I agree with the downloading of music is when the artists (and I use that term very loosely) release the sort of crap that the likes of the RIAA and their foreign equivalents ram down our bloody throats and say it is the best stuff since the wheel!!! There is no reason to download music from the top selling artists apart from that you are all so bloody tight with your money and, YES, I know the prices are way too high. Think about this… 1. They release their crap onto the market… we go and buy it… they make their dosh… 2. They release their crap onto the market and we don’t buy it - instead we download it. They get their backs up and sue the shit out of anyone that moves. 3. They release theri crap onto the market and we dont buy it. We don’t download it either. They are grief stricken - no money coming in - no-one to sue - nothing to do but release better music at a lower price. “That’s more like it…” we say. So what do we all do now that there’s better music and the price is lower? YES, you’ve got it…!!! We download it!! Coz its there to take!!! It’s called human nature. And before you all chuck your drinks at the monitor in disgust with this post and accuse me of being sad and paying for my music… I DON’T. But it changes nowt. Hope you all had a good 4th July - from a Brit with a lot of sympathy for you guys after last year.

I don’t think it’s stealing. Because they still have their copy. I think it’s something else. It still may not be right. But it just should be called something else. But as a software programmer I know that you can wish piracy would stop. You can wish for rain in one hand, and piss in the other, and see which one gets wet first. It’s just something you have to deal with. People copy my programs. I copy other peoples. The reason I think the RIAA is wrong, is because think about what kind of world we could have if we could just copy music, and movies, and even physical objects. Scientists have already figured out the basic principals and in about 150 years we’ll actually be able to replicate any object just like on star-trek. It’s actually going to happen now. So what do we do when all objects can be copied. Does everything because intellictual property? Maybe we need to find another way, and stop worrying about the all mighty dollar. I keep asking this question but nobody ever answers. Please somebody answer my question. If we learn how to replicate food. Do we solve world hunger, or sue somebody because farmer joe can’t make a profit anymore???

jab1981 Linux is more stable than Windows XP. Ask any Computer Tech who’s worked with multiple Operating Systems and they will tell you that. The reason everyone uses Windows is because 99% of all software is written for it because of pure marketting and it’s easy to use. Technically Linux is more reliable, but is just dominated by Windows because of pure marketting strategies by Microsoft. Most of the population which doesn’t know much about computers have not even heard of anything other than Windows. That is why it dominates the market. I’m not saying Windows XP is not good, it’s just that from what I’ve heard from computer techs Linux has a slight edge. Windows XP is good because it is based off the Windows NT kernel, but Windows 95/98/ME were crappy Operating Systems. So the only reason Linux is useless even for some people who know a lot about computers is because there is not much software for it. If Linux was the ideal OS for the market, more software would be made for it and we would all be running an OS a little bit more reliable than Windows 2000/XP and a lot more reliable than Windows 95/98/ME. To answer chsbiking question I think that no one should sue anyone just because something can be copied and no one can make a profit. Profit can be made out of things that can’t be copied. Copying is just the nature of the industry and life and doesn’t have to be considered illegal or pirating just because it makes it harder for someone to make a profit.

Well, there are 2 sides to this argument. On one side, if you were the artist that made the CD, wouldn’t you get a little tiffed that someone that likes your music enough would rather download it than buy it? Yes, some places cell music CDs around $20. I know at Best Buy I can get the same CD for $13. Not a bad price for something that you’re gonna play the crap out of until you learn all the words to the 4 or 5 songs you like the most on the CD. Now I forget my other point. Oh well. You get the picture. As for the the arument about Linux / XP, might I suggest that you purchase LindowsOS? It is based on the BSD platform, and runs all Linux, Unix software as well as ALL applications that run on XP. I use it right now and my IPAQ works, my MP3 player works and it is more stable than XP. It’s only $99 and that allows you to install on up to 25 different machines. Not bad. Try doing that with XP and see what happens if you should ever get caught.

TheTarBaby, “as ALL applications that run on XP.” I’ve run Lindows before and let me tell you, it doesn’t run 15% of applications available to XP and those it does run, including Office, don’t work half as well and have several non-working features as compared to XP. As far as uptime, XP Time is 7:17am, computer has been up for 5w 2d 21h 48m 51s

hmmm problem is its not people like us that buy to many cds its the non computer users that you see in the music stores standing there checking out which one they like the oldies that get the there tv mail orders etc people that come here already no that you dont need to buy them also everyone i no has a copied cd or are getting copied cds from a mate and thats where the other problem is if cds dont sell eventually they wont be worth manufacturing so really the the best solution is the current one the useless idiots of the world buy there cds and keep the companies happy and i borrow them and get mine at a reallistic price (39cents) and im happy, so it would really be best for everyone to just keep it all very quiet and tell the riaa F**k all.:7