Recording cds

Hi everybody I’m a newbie - bennett123 from London UK. This looks a great site.

I’m not a very technical person so I’m hoping some kind, intellegent and technical soul(s) might help me with some problems I’m having.

Briefly: I like to do compilation music cd’s for myself and friends and up until recently I’ve no real problems using the media player on windows 98,2000 and xp.

However, recently I bought a new desktop running Vista and Hey presto, suddenly, the cd’s I’m recording don’t play in my car, my wife’s car or indeed any other I’ve tried.

But there is one curious anomaly to this tale: Of the 14 tracks I recorded 12 were from pre-recorded cds and 2 were downloads from Spotify’s 7 digital - and those 2 tracks worked fine.

Can anyone here offer me an explanation, or even better a solution for successful recording with Vista?

Try using different software like cdburnerxp, its free and you can find it on this site.