Recording/Burning F.E.A.R. Image

Hey… I have a F.E.A.R. image on my computer and would like to record it to DVD so it doesn’t take up too much of my hard drive. I have recorded it twice onto DVDS with Alcohol120 195 . 3105 but both copies won’t run setup.exe. The image works perfectly though. Any help appreciated.

I have found this thread here to be most helpful in situations like this.

what does this have to do with warez idiot

Is it the cd or dvd version of the game?


Not really possible to write a working copy to dvd except perhaps with RMPS emulation.

However, that shouldn’t have prevented you from making a copy that would install.

Since your image works, plainly it’s not corrupt so the problem is occuring in the burning process.

The most likely cause of this is bad or unsuitable media (the cause of 90 - 95% of all problems with burnt dvds). Try using a different (preferably better) brand of blank dvd (e.g. Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim).

would it help to burn at a slower speed

Possibly. It depends on your writer and the media used. Many writers will perform better with certain types of media at lower speeds but that isn’t always the case.

What writer do you have and what brand/media code of blank dvd are you using/trying to use?

ive got an original FEAR and i want to burn it…

what do i do after i burnt it to make it work on other computers?

any fool proof solutions?

send to

I got F.E.A.R fromt the Internet Gods (LOL). I was able to get an image file with Alcohol120 (lasted version). It made as an Alcohol 120 image file. Then i used WinRAR to extract to my hard drive. Then i burned it with Nero 6.6. But i burned it as a DVD UDF disc. And i was able to use it to play F.E.A.R and install on a different machine…