Recording bluray



I have a laptop that is a year old, that I use with slysoft all the time. However I tried bluray the other day, and I get a message that no disc is present in e drive, but there is. I assume that I am lacking something in my computer but I do not know what it is. My downloads are up to date also. I see there is a blu ray ripper called leawo, but can I use clone Dvd with it, if nothing else works. Thanks for the help


Which blu ray drive do you have in this laptop? You do know that a regular dvd drive will not read or write to blu ray, yes?

To rip blu ray (from a blu ray drive) you would need the HD edition of AnyDVD. AnyDVD HD is considerably more expensive than the regular one.

You could also use DVDFab HD Decrypter (the free section within DVDFab) or MakeMKV, which is free to use while still in beta. At the rate its going, MakeMKV may be in beta status forever. You can rip the entire blu ray to the hard drive using MakeMKV, instead of making a mkv file from it, by clicking File–>Backup within the program. You can find MakeMKV here:

And new beta keys for MakeMKV are found each month at this site:


DO you have a blueray drive in your laptop and is it a writable one-not just a reader?? You will need anydvdhd to rip to hard drive and then depending on size you may have to use other software and use imageburn to wite to bd disks. Clonedvd is only for dvds and not bluray. Here is a link to slysoft forum where you may see what to do.


Yes, tell us the Make and Model of your Laptop, and the name of your Blu-ray Drive. I don’t think a Laptop is durable enough for any serious Video work, there are others that feel differently. You have to have the top of the line Laptop with a fast Processor, and a good Blu-ray Drive. Laptops just over heat too much and in a short time you have Hardware failure. :cool:


I doubt the OP has a BD drive at all.