Recording Blu ray ripped "TAKEN" film onto TDK 50GB Disk

Hi I have ripped the film Taken with ANYDVDHD but when i burn it onto a 50GB BD-RE TDK disc and then play it on my PS3 it reads it and a little picture comes up so i go to play and nothing happens.
I ripped Rock an Rolla using the same steps but it plays fine on my PS3 the only differtence is Rock an Rolla was recorded on my TDK BD-RE 25GB as the whole movie was under 24GB. Any suggestions would be great.
Cheers TKJ:eek:

As some have suggested, some TDK BD-RE DL 50GB have problems on some blu-ray player and PS3. I have 3 packs TDK BD-RE 50GB and not a single one works on my PS3 60GB. However when I gave one disc to a friend for testing, whom owns PS3 60GB, it works! (?).

If you google, there are some explanation how to change PS3 laser lens which I’m planning to do… the lens is about $25 on ebay.

Cheers once again Zaina but i have sorted the problem with your help from another post! I stripped just the main film and dts audio with tsmuxer then recorded it on the same disk worked a treat. thanks for replyin though. you have been excellent

how long did it take you to make your home copy with tsmuxer, can I use it for home videos as well?

I think the PS3 just does not like DL RE media bacause I have a Sony DL RE and my PS3 has trouble playing it but my Philips player plays it fine

I was watching a BD I authored myself with a bunch of TV shows and the first titles it played fine but then when I picked the last title on the disc it would not play I think it just couldn’t read the second layer

I tried Panasonic BD-RE DL and burned a movie and tried on my PS3 (60 GB original i.e. plays ps2 games). Mixed results. Some times it just sits there for a long time. SOme movies will start to play after some delay. When it reaches around 1hr 10 min (~ 25GB ), it does get stuck. DOes not move to next scenechapter.

Then I tried to burn a movie on to a Panasonic BD-R DL. It works like a champ. Then I bought sony BD-R DL discs. Tried 2 of them. Works great on my PS3. BTW, the Panasonic and SONY have the same disc maufacturere code.

Then I bought and tried TDK BD-RE DL. FIrst one movie starts and sits there for ever. Then on the same disc, I burned some other movie. IT works fine. I do not know what is wrong with the first movie.

ANybody has any other expereience?

There are 44 .m2ts files after ripping to drive.

Which ones do I have to “join” to get the entire movie??? I had this problem with one other BR and I think they both have two versions of the movie, the theatrical release and the un-rated or directors cut???

Please help… :bow:

Max Payne is the other BR with the same problem. (Rated and Un-rated on same disc)


Check with BDInfo and choose one of the top MPLS file, it will show which m2ts included in the playlist.

Thank you zevia,

That worked.:clap: