Recording bits of songs onto a cd

e??? find out how to go about recording short bits of songs onto a cd? with gaps in between each song and track identification on each song. For example if I wanted to here the 3rd short sample of a song I would press No 3 on my cd player and so on, like a normal cd but with only a couple of seconds of each song. It is for a music quiz! If anyone can help it would be great! Is there a particular music software package you can recommend? I am on a mac. Which edit program should I use? seeing as I have never really used one before!

I dont think you need to do anything special for this. The Windows CD Player has a “Intro Mode”. You can set the number of seconds for the Intro Mode.

There are many players that support this functionality. If the songs span many CDs, you’ll first have to create a audio CD with the assorted songs and then try.

I think it is best if you use an edit program for music files in whcih you select the part of the songs you want to use.

After that you can select these fragments in Nero and drag them to your audio CD layout.
Of each fragment you can then edit the information (artist, name) and burn them as CD-Text, provided that your writer supports it (but don’t think that last options is what you want).

Instead of burning it as CD-Text you can also use it with Nero Cover Editor to easily create a listing of your contents on a CD cover, to be used as you personal quiz card…

Good luck