Recording audio from Windows Media Player?

Hello everybody, :slight_smile:

I am listening to an audio file in WMA format. This file connects to a server and lets me listen to the song only when I’m online. Its size is 138 bytes - that fact explains my problem. The WMA file doesn’t download the Mp3 song to a temp’ folder, so I can’t “rip” the song to my iPod (for example).
I’ve tried to use MuvAudio, but the problem is that, as I said, this WMA file connects to a site and then lets me listen to the song (using Windows Media Player only). I’ve also tried to use CoolEdit or Tunebit (something like this), but it didn’t work.

This is the WMA file:

I’ll realy thank to the person who will explain me how to “rip” or copy the song to my computer, so that when I would like to listen to the song next time, I won’t be obliged to connect the Internet. :bow: :bow:

Thank you! :flower:

Have you tried catching the stream with an audio editing program?

No, I have not tried.
Please, explain to me how should I catch the stream? With what program?

Thank you.

Any audio editing software should be able to do it. What it does is capture the input from your soundcard. Kind of like using a tape recorder to record off the radio but better.

Try to use Audacity which is freeware. You should be able to save the stream to HDD.

I found HiDownload which helped me to download the ‘Windows Media Player’ stream file, but now it doesn’t work too.

Try EAC and click ‘tools’ menu. Then, click on ‘record wav’. Keep the audio away from 0db mark. I think they call it clipping if it goes beyond that. I am not audio expert though.