Recording audio from cassette

So I got old cassettes lying around of a band I used to play in. The tapes are the master tapes recorded on a 4 track Tascam recorder. I hooked up the Tascam recorder to my computer through the mic input. Headphones out from the Tascam to the mic in on the computer.

When I play the tapes from the tascam through the computers speakers I am satisified with the quality of the audio.

When I record it with the included XP audio recorder then play it back there is a noticeable drop in audio quality.

What do I need to do to get the song to sound the same as it does when I play it directly from the Tascam through the computer speakers?


using the mic-in is a bad idea.
Please use the Line-in of your soundcard. If you don’t have Line-In (for example on notebooks, but sometimes, Mic-In can be switched to Line-In by the driver), then you need an additional audio device (USB sound card or similar).

For recording, the free Audacity is highly recommended.


You might have line out on the recorder too which would be better than headphones out