Recording Audio CD on DVD Recorder

Hello, need to know if the Lite-On 5045 … or Any other DVD recorder … can be used as an audio CD recorder.

Will it create a wav file or another format that I’ll be able to manipulate in soundforge?


I’d like to record a friend’s band LIVE … then chop it up into songs.

All LiteON DVD recorders with the “All Write” logo will record audio CDs.

Thanks joseph5 … can you tell me if it records the track(s) as wav or mpeg or something else? I’ll need to be able to access the file for editting with soundforge. Just want to make sure I’ll be able to work with the file it creates.

Also - would one of these LiteON audio CDs play in a regular cd player?


The tracks are recorded like a normal Audio CD, they can be ripped to the computer and can be played in regular players (if they support CD-R).