Recording at 4x not working right help!

when ever i copy at 4x on my 107 i get a misty ring about half way through the burnt area of the disc. no matter what copying program i use or medisa i copy to. it works fine a 2x but that damn 4x. it also happened to me with an 105 i had too. ive changed all my hardware like mother board and ram processor etc and still i get them damn rings. the only thing left is try another copy of windows xp.
can anyone help me please.

OK, but what’s wrong with the discs? Do they not read? Does the burn process fail? More information please.

I got some crappy media which uses AN31 dye. After the burn I can see the “misty” ring which you mentioned. Still seems to be ok.

My branded maxell’s (Made in Japan) & whitetops RitekG04 media don’t exhibit such a problem. Have you tried better media?

sorry forgot to mention whats happening when the disc has finished burning. well some are ok if the misty ring aint so visible. but most of the time the film on the disc will go blocky then just freeze. i’d say out of a pack of 25 discs it will happen to 22/23 of them. thanks.

OK, guess we have to extract the information another way:

  1. Who is the media maker? See the media FAQ if you’re not sure how to find out.

  2. What burner? What burn speed?

  3. Perform some basic reading tests on the discs and report the results. CDSpeed will do, transfer rate test and scandisc.

Odds are very good that your trouble is crappy media.