Recording a RPC1 as RPC2




I own a GSA-4163B writer and I’ve just upgraded to the tdb 104 RPC1 firmware. Everything went fine but I now have 1 question.

Can I copy a RPC1 DVD as RPC2? How can I do it?

Many thanks for the support.


There are tools available which can do that.
But I would recommend burning your DVD video as RPC0 without region protection at all.
I would highly recommend AnyDVD which cannot only do this but offers tons of additional features.



Is anyDVD the only software able to do it?

I usually use DVD Shrink + Nero, but I couldn’t find the region options.
Can someone help me?



I don’t think that you will find a region change option in an official software like Nero.
But I am sure that there are other programs than AnyDVD supporting this, but i don’t know them since AnyDVD does all I require and i do not have to look any further.



Using software such as DVDShrink will make your copy “Region Free” and so will play in Region 1, 2 or other locked devices.
However the other thing to check is whether the device will play the video format.
Region 1 DVD’s are normally encoded in NTSC (US TV) format whereas disks intended for Region 2 standalone players use PAL.
There should be no problems with software players, and if your standalone player supports PAL-60 you should be OK.
However for full compatability it could be necessary to re-encode the video and re-author the DVD which is a significant amount of effort.


Most standalone DVD player in Europe support both PAL and NTSC however not all TV sets support NTSC.