Recording a film from my pc to Liteon DD-A100X

I have a film in divx format on my pc which I am unable to convert to dvd. I have tried alsorts of software but to no avail.

Last night I connected the video and audio phono leads to a scart converter and plugged it into my Liteon DD-A100X recorder.

I then played the film from my pc and recorded it onto dvd with the Liteon. However, for some reason on playback the film I recorded stutters and is unwatchable.

I have previously connected my old camcorder into the front on my Liteon and recorded and played back with no problems.

Could someone tell me why the Liteon recorded my film so poorly and what I can do to rectify the problem.

Thank you

To me, it seems like there is an issue with the video sent out of your video card, particularly if you are able to record from other equipment connected up to your Lite-On. For a start, I would suggest checking your graphics card’s setttings for the Video out to ensure that it matches your TV standard. For example, for a PAL TV format, ensure the graphics card’s output is set to PAL video and 50Hz as the frequency.

From my experience, some graphics cards will output at 60Hz by default even in PAL to match the main monitor’s refresh rate if it is also set at 60Hz, however while most TVs in the past 10 years or so will handle a PAL picture at this frequency rate, most recording equipment will not. For example, you may experience the same issue if you try recording from a NTSC-playback compatible VCR while playing an NTSC tape.

Thanks for your post.

You wont believe this but the 8 speed dvdrs I just bought (50 of ) seem to be at fault. The recording was fine with the dvdrw I had supplied with the recorder!