Recording a dvr to dvd

is there any issue with copying a program from the dvr to a dvd. i used to be able to burn a broadcast program to my dvd recorder with my old tv, but since i got a hd tv with fios i can no longer do that , it might just be a connection problem, previously if a program was on the tv screen i would just hit the record button and burn in real time to a blank disc, but now when i try that with a show off the dvr it does not work i just get snow, i understand that the fios box must go through the dvd/vhs machine before it enters the tv, it appears that may be the problem. as i can get a dvd to the tv or fios box to the tv but i can not get the fios box to go through the dvd/vhs machine to the tv, all suggestion are welcome thanks

The recorder can only record if it has a signal. In your old setup, you were passing the signal through the recorder before it reached your TV. Now it sounds like you have the signal from the DVR directly to the TV. Your recorder will not record anything until you connect an output from the DVR into the recorder.

i do not have an hdmi on the recorder, there is hdmi, componet, and s video, coming out of the cable box. right now i am using hdmi but if i take the output from the fios box with componet or s video into the in of the recorder, do i need to use the same type cable(s) going from the recorder to the lcd tv. any signal from the dvr will be coming out of the cable box correct. thanks