Recorder information in CDSpeed and IMGBurn



Recently I became intrigued by the fact that CDSpeed, ImgBurn, and other tools can read the portion of a burned DVD (I believe it is part of the Recording Management Area) where the brand, model, and serial number of the burner used to create the disc can be stored. The technical details of this are rather sketchy, even though I’ve looked at the ECMA-279 standard, and I was wondering if there is any standardization to the way this is recorded.

I’ve noticed, for instance, that discs burned on my Pioneer 112D always contain this information in a way that CDSpeed and ImgBurn will find, and display the interpretation in the “Extended Information” portion of the media ID page.

Recently my nephew gave me a Sony DVD+R he had recorded on his Dell machine, and neither tool (nor DVDInfoPro) gave any more specifics. By accident while I was playing with a copy of the Lite-On tool LTNFLASH (leaked, apparently; this is an internal tool that is not supported) and I noted that there is a media analysis tab. Lo and behold, it told me that the burner manufacturer for that disc was “TSSTcorp” and the model was “TS-H553A” (a Dell-rebadged Samsung SH-W163A).

Why is a Lite-On tool able to find and interpret this data (even running on a Pioneer drive) while CDSpeed, ImgBurn, and DVInfoPro can’t? Do different burners format this differently - in a way that some media analysis tools can find and interpret it and others can’t?


Thanks for pointing this out, I’ve added code to make ImgBurn read this info.

It’ll be present (on supported drives) as of v2.4.1.0


[QUOTE=LIGHTNING UK!;2006217]Thanks for pointing this out, I’ve added code to make ImgBurn read this info.

It’ll be present (on supported drives) as of v2.4.1.0[/QUOTE]

That’s superb! Many thanks for the quick (and encouraging) response.


Still trying to understand why CDSpeed and ImgBurn display the extended information for discs recorded by some burners and not others - whereas LtnFlash displays for almost all of them.

They must be parsing the information in the RMA differently; as an empiric observation I wonder if they are looking for the words “Recorded with” as the filter for the presence of the recorder name, and some burners (like the Samsung in my original posting) fall through because they do not use the magic words. Am I warm?


The info on DVD+R discs is accessed by a different ‘format’ code via the ‘READ DISC STRUCTURE’ command.

I was only ever aware about the existance of such info on DVD-R media (Recording Management Area).

Lite-On of course have insider knowledge!