Recorder Buffer Problem (not the read buffer)

I have a P4 3Ghz machine with 2GB Dual Channel Ram. I have 2 recorders in it (Pioneer DVR-107D and the Benq DW1620). I never have reading buffer underruns no matter what i do.

But the problem is when I burn 2 DVD’s at the same time the recorders start messing up. I get a lot of write buffer problems and it errors on me sometime (sayiing a power calibration error).

Can someone tell me what to do to fix this? I thought a bout replacing the power from the PC but i dont know if that will help the writers to keep up with the machine.

The data cannot provided fast enough to both writers, that’s the bottleneck.

Connect them on different IDE channels, maybe that helps.

Pioneer 107D and Benq 1620 have different 8x writestrategies.

Try burning at 4x.