Recorded TV show w/ TV DVD, but PC Drives don't see it?

Newb here…

I did something I thought would be so simple, but one should never make assumptions, huh. I recorded a TV show on a DVD (I think it was -R, surely not DVD RAM). The show was recorded on a Pannasonic DVD player / recorder, just a cheapo from Walmart. The unit finalized the DVD and it plays fine on all TV DVD players.

Now, I tried playing it in my PC (Win XP PRO) and it won’t play, or even recognize the DVD. (both drives) I have …

DVD ROM Sony DDU1615

Plextor DVDR PX-712A

So first, I downloaded the latest firmware for both… but still, the Sony simply will not read the DVD. I even checked in Windows Explorer, it won’t see the files.

The Plexter will now see the files in Windows Explorer, but I can not play the DVD. My ultimate goal is to dupe the DVD through Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. But I assume I can’t do that till at least Windows Explorer can see the files and I can play them, right?

I am starting to think I need at least one new DVD ROM drive to replace the Sony? BTW, the drives work fine on other DVD’s created by PC’s. So its clearly a compatibility issue. TYIA

Which program are you using to try to play the dvd?

Have you tried a few different media players, like VLC or Media Player Classic?

Since Windows explorer can’t see the files, something is wrong. I can’t access the files to play them on any media player. Also, I tried running Roxio Easy Media creator 9.0, disc Copy program, and it doesn’t see the files and won’t let you start the copy process.

The Plextor drive does see the files, but still won’t play the files. That is the burner, so I can’t copy in that configuration.

Well, my only solution is to use a program like ISOBuster and get the files to the hard drive.

Here is ISOBuster’s guide for recovering video:

You’ll probably have to work from the Plextor, since it can see the files.

I know you said the unit finalized the burnt dvd but try to finalize it one more time in your stand alone DVD Recorder may be that is the problem,