Recorded from TV , now need to fit on 1 DVD

just recorded a movie from my TV capture card to the hard drive.
Saved it as a 8000 kbts/second DVD file.
Since the movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes long i am wondering how to fit it on one DVD.

Up until now i have been recording at highest level (10,000 kbts/second DVD file) and burning one hour/per DVD at a time using Roxio DVD Builder. (The results are great)

At this point do i need to get DVD shrink and use that on the saved TV movie file to get it to fit on one DVD?

Forgive me if i am asking something that has been answered before, it just seems that most of the info here is regarding backing up DVD’s and not my particular situation here… :slight_smile:


What format is your file saved in. Have you encoded it yet for burning to see what size it is after encoding… DVDSHRINK will shrink down most movies to fit on any dvd…

my TV card saves the files as MPEG-2 DVD compliant.
this time i saved it using a lower bitrate so the file will be a bit smaller.
most times i record at a higher rate and it equals to about 3.4Gigs on my HD per hour recorded before encoding.

What’s the audio, PCM uncompressed? If so, use ffmpegGUI to convert it to AC3, it’ll make a considerable difference. Then author using the AC3 as the audio input. I just calculated your run times with PCM vs. AC3 and available bitrate. You have this much video bitrate left over: 4256 with PCM/ 5612 with AC3 (at 192 kbit/s).

Also, you may consider this: Regular broadcast TV is not up to DVD spec, so when you capture at full D1, it’s overkill. You may be happy with half D1, and incidentally can get 4 hours per DVD with acceptable results. (D1: 720x480/576; Half D1: 352x480/576).

Good luck. :slight_smile:

thanks, i’ll check on the audio when i am back home.
good point on the broadcast TV - i record from a Sony cable box that is pumping digital cable on the higher channel range (movie channels like Starz and HBO) would that still make a difference? i get the signal into my TV card with an S-Video connection and stereo audio.
should i just record on the 6000kbts/per second setting?

After it encodes, just go to burn it, and it will tell you if it’s too big… If it’s too big, just run DVDShrink to shrink it down to around 4.3gb

This is if its a home movie
If you have a hardware capture card like the Hauppauge 250 it will capture to mpeg2 then you could use something like videoReDo or nanoPEG to cut and edit your home movies to size…

[edit] sorry i see its a tv movie please ignore post[edit]

Unless you’re capturing digital broadcast, half D1 should be adequate. In theory, each re-encode diminishes quality, so ideally you’d capture at a bitrate and running time that would nearly fill a DVD. If you’re going to re-encode anyway, I don’t think it matters much, so long as you never go from lower to higher. And I suppose your capture card only does full D1?

I’m not familiar with Roxio DVD Builder. Will it allow you to compile an oversized project? Oh, and will it accept elementary streams, e.g. m2v video and ac3 audio? If the answer to both questions is yes, here’s what I’d do: Capture at 6,000, that’s more than adequate. Convert the audio to AC3, and demux the video stream. Author 4-5 hours of your MPEG captures. Re-encode at half D1 with DVDRebuilder.

Now, if you don’t want to re-encode overnight, just capture at proper bitrate, then convert the audio to AC3 and author 2-2 1/2 hours worth and be done with it. Blanks are cheap nowadays. :wink:

A bitrate calculator will be useful to you:

thanks, lots of useful info.
roxio works great but is very simple - does not have the options you listed.

fritzi93 - thanks for all of the great advice.
This is what i did with the movie that was recorded to my HD -
even though my capture card says it saves the file as a DVD file, shrink could not find it so i used DivxtoDVD to make it into a DVD file and then shrink found it.
shrink took very little time to do deep analysis (14-15 minutes) but only shrunk it to 4.6 gigs…
Burned using DVD decrypter and even though i got an error msg at beginning and end (from DVD D) the movie came out OK on the disc.

now - how should i record next time? my capture card gives me many options to record at - MPEG1, 2 and DVD as well as AVI.

When AVI is selected i can also choose from about 20 encoding options.


For recording to dvd, I like mpeg2…

Sorry for delayed reply, too busy lately to go online. :wink: Uh, just guessing, but I think what you have is DVD compliant MPEG. It has to be authored for DVDShrink to “see” it. (VSO DivX2DVD does the authoring step automatically). Not really into captures. For ease of use, TMPGEnc DVD Author is good. For freeware authoring apps, there’s Rejig, Ifoedit, GUI for DVDAuthor, many more.
Good luck. :slight_smile: